Oral Surgery in Corpus Christi, TX

Preventing the spread of infection and slowing the growth of harmful bacteria are two ways to keep your oral health in optimal condition. Excessively decayed teeth will compromise your wellness and requires decisive action. Everhart Dental is your trustworthy dentistry office who can perform oral surgery in Corpus Christi, TX. Our office facilitates a suite of surgical interventions that protect the integrity and health of your teeth, gums, and supporting structures. Count on our doctors to be there for safe and effective treatmen for your oral surgery needs. While we are not board certified Oral Surgeons, we can perform most all Oral Surgery work needed, at a fraction of the cost of a specialist. 

Versatile Oral Surgery

Your mouth is unique to you. Work with a general dentist who can perform most oral surgery work needed at a cheaper cost that a specialist or Oral Surgeon. Our team acts as a tooth removal dentist and oral care consultant. In other words, our consultations for many of our treatments are recommended only if you need them. As a result, you are able to focus on the care that is most suited for you. If we discover that dental extractions or another strategy is more viable, we will tell you so you are informed of your options. Our services include dental extractions and dental implants.

Oral X-Rays in Corpus Christi, TX

Available for Dental Extractions

Count on our experienced team for thorough dental extractions. Reasons to undergo an extraction vary. From the treatment of extensive tooth decay or the complications of physical trauma, our office is well-equipped to provide comprehensive relief. This surgical procedure can be used to remove compromised teeth, and can also serve to prepare and area for dental prosthetics, including implants and bridges. We take a complete approach to care so that you receive the service you deserve.

The Caring Tooth Removal Dentist

Of course, we recognize that going into surgical can be a stressful time for patients of all ages. For this reason, our tooth removal dentist is committed to providing upfront consultations. We carefully discuss the process, reasoning, and risks associated with each procedure, so you know exactly what is happening with your oral health. Our office is also equipped with several different anesthetic methods to facilitate calm, seamless care.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Our Office

The third molars, often known as the "wisdom teeth," are a set or teeth that are often not necessary for the normal routine functions of eating and speaking. More often than not, they erupt incorrectly, impacting the roots of other molars. Prevent the pain and discomfort associated with overcrowding with wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom tooth removal is available for the extraction of a single tooth, or the entire set. As always, our dentist is available to determine which teeth require a procedure. Our team exercises the proper methods of care so your procedure is completed in a comfortable and manageable manner. Afterward, we discuss what you can do for a successful recovery so you can get back to what matters most to you.

Contact us today to request an appointment with our oral surgeon. We proudly serve patients throughout Corpus Christi, Odem, Sinton, Driscoll, and Bishop, TX.
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