Dental Braces in Corpus Christi, TX

Straighter teeth promote a better bite, a bigger smile, and greater confidence. Feel great about your oral care with the help of Everhart Dental. We facilitate the care and treatment of dental braces in Corpus Christi, TX. For adolescence and adults, we provide customizable dental braces, known as "Fastbraces", that works according to your budget. These type of braces work quicker than traditional braces and are offered at a much lower cost. Thanks to our wealth of options and commitment to fostering gentle and comprehensive care, you are able to straighten teeth with confidence. Treatments are available for all eligible members of the family.

The Necessity for Dental Braces Treatment

Permanent teeth that do not erupt from the gums properly often come out crooked. As a consequence, the way that crooked teeth settle into the mouth affects the bite. Unsightly teeth create embarrassing situations. Worse, a bad bite can affect eating habits and creates unnecessary stress on teeth. Dental braces treatment corrects the aesthetic and functional faults through the use of consistent and steady pressure.

Of course, many patients feel reticent to consider braces due to the social stigmas associated with them. When you work with our family dentist you can have confidence knowing that your care is in good hands.

Woman with Fast Braces in Corpus Christi, TX

We offer a wealth of braces and implements that leave a minimal visual impact while you are going through braces treatment. Stay sharp at your business meetings, or let you child feel more at ease. We craft customizable solutions that keep your entire family on the path to good oral health.

Your Source for Fastbraces Technology

See straighter teeth within a matter a months with the help of Fastbraces. Developed more than 20 years ago, this orthodontic option has made straightening teeth a faster experience. Through the use of triangular brackets, Fastbraces are able to move the roots of teeth into position quickly while reducing the perceived sensitivity of the patient. With many different configurations available to match the patient's time and aesthetic concerns, Fastbraces has become an increasingly popular option. We are authorized practitioners of this revolutionary treatment.

Straighten Teeth With Pride

Straighten teeth the seamless way with the help of our experienced dentists. Thanks to our use of advanced technology and commitment to continual training, you receive the latest care. We apply careful methods to ensure lasting results of your dental braces treatment. Orthodontic treatments with Fastbraces are eligible for a free consultation. Request an appointment and discuss the options for you or your child.

Contact us today to learn how dental braces can change the way you smile. We proudly serve patients throughout Corpus Christi, Odem, Sinton, Driscoll, and Bishop, TX.
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